stay strong,babe. you'll get through all this stronger than ever. best of wishes 🙏❤️

Thank you love. 💚

It’s hard knowing that the person I’ve been with since I was 16 is slowly killing me. People look at me and tell me I’m dumb for getting married at 18 & tattooing his name on my body. But I’m not ashamed, it’s what I wanted and I knew the risk. I knew that my marriage could fail and that his name on my side would be a forever reminder. The hardest part of this is that he hurt me during the marriage and now that it’s all said and done he’s making me look like the bad guy because I’m moving forward in life. I feel like he’s been really immature when it comes to handling this. It’s not that I’m a cold hearted bitch but he went and broke me apart before and during our marriage and I finally had enough and that’s where we are now. Me telling myself that things get better.